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LA lifestyle is all a bit cryptic

Actress Sophie Winkleman said she and her husband Lord Freddie Windsor are shunning the celebrity lifestyle in Los Angeles and instead spend their nights completing cryptic crosswords.

The Peep Show star, who went to the United States with her royal husband soon after their wedding in 2009, said the move had been "extraordinary".

She told Hello! magazine: "We'll go to a cool restaurant out here, and there will be young couples chatting or kissing and we won't even look at each other, we'll be going, 'Right, Nine Across...'."

The actress said the move came because she got a part in an American television comedy and her husband, who works for JP Morgan, was offered a transfer.

She said: "We thought we shouldn't just huddle in England but be brave, do something different, so we did."

Winkleman, who played Big Suze in Peep Show, has just finished filming in Budapest for Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes's ITV mini-series about the sinking of the Titanic where she plays an American silent movie star.

She said: "The scenes in the sea were filmed in a massive tank and we had to pretend we were freezing cold when it was actually boiling hot. All of us were sweating like onions and yet pretending to shiver. But it was a huge, brilliant cast."

Winkleman and her husband did return home to attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

She said: "Kate looked amazing - very beautiful, composed and graceful...It was romantic, magical and thrilling to be a part of it."

Read the full interview in Hello! magazine, out now.


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