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LaBeouf: Transformers 3 is darker

Shia LaBeouf has revealed that Transformers 3 will be "darker" than the previous two films.

The actor, who will reprise the role of Sam Witwicky in the third instalment of the hit franchise, has leaked that there will also be some human casualties this time around.

"There's a human toll this time, the Decepticons are going after humans - there's a lot of death, it'll be darker," he told Total Film.

Shia, who gets a new love interest in the form of English model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the movie, said he is "super excited" about the forthcoming film after being unimpressed by the sequel, Revenge Of The Fallen.

"I have obligations I have to fulfil and I'm super excited to go fulfil them. It's not like I'm embarrassed to go make Transformers 3 - I'm really happy and I think we can make some big updates on the second movie," he added.

Transformers 3, directed once again by Michael Bay, is slated for release in July 2011.


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