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Larson reveals crazy musical role

Brie Larson has revealed how excited she is to be doing a musical as she thinks singing and dancing brings bliss and joy to life.

The 24-year-old actress - who has won critical acclaim for her role as fostercare worker Grace in Short Term 12 - has been out in India filming new Bollywood-style musical Basmati Blues.

Brie revealed: "It's kind of a strange film. It's a musical about genetically modified rice. I play a scientist who creates a kind of genetically modified rice with her father and Donald Sutherland plays our boss.

"So it's got a political and science element to it, but it's got original music, it has local Indian choreography, it also is a love story and has a big action scene at the end, it has everything."

The 21 Jump Street star, who sings and write songs as well as acting, loved doing a musical.

She said: "I have to dance in it too. I didn't do it because I'm really excited about the world seeing I'm a great singer and dancer because I'm not. It's the idea of singing and dancing along the way, of finding the bliss and joy of life, and there is a metaphor and importance to that that we've had since the beginning of time.

"There is something so blissful about watching someone sing and dance, it feels right."

But the actress isn't sure if she will be releasing an album any time soon.

Brie revealed: "I still do music. I haven't released anything but I still write a lot and I'm working on something. It's tough to say when that would ever come out. It's something I just love to do, but not something I'm really grinding myself into. It's different, it's something that just happens when it happens."

:: Short Term 12 is in cinemas now.


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