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Lawrence emails Stewart over 'feud'

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she emailed Kristen Stewart to set the record straight after it was reported that they were feuding.

The actress stars in the eagerly-anticipated Hunger Games film, while Kristen appears in the equally hyped-up Twilight movies, and it was reported that there was rivalry between the two.

After hearing the rumours Jennifer decided to email Kristen about the fake feud, reports Access Hollywood.

She said: "I wrote her an email because there was this huge, like, article about a Twilight and Hunger Games feud. And we've never met before and we've never spoken. There were all these, like, fake quotes from me that were actually hilarious... and then I was like, 'Oh my God, if she reads this, what if she thinks it's true', so I just shot her an email, and was like, 'Hey, can't wait to see more as this feud unfolds!'"

Kristen then replied to say she understood.

Jennifer said: "She was like, 'It's fine. Welcome to [our] world where everything you say gets turned into [something it's not]'. So, she understood."


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