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Lawrence: I met Ghostbusters' Feig

Jennifer Lawrence has sparked speculation that she could star in Ghostbusters 3 after revealing she met up with its director Paul Feig.

The Hunger Games actress told that she had a sit-down meal with the Bridesmaids director, who will take the reins on the all-female third instalment.

"I actually met with the director. I had dinner with him. I sure did," she said.

But she admitted she was in the dark about the films, adding: "I didn't know there was a Ghostbusters 2. Who's in 2? Sequels are never as good."

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley, Elizabeth Banks and Jessica Chastain have given their opinions on who could make up the cast of the third film.

"I think Emma Stone would bring so much comedic value to that," The Fault In Our Stars actress Shailene said. "She's so funny. And you know, I really love this actress called Juno Temple."

Elizabeth said: "I want to be in it, with Melissa McCarthy," while Andy Serkis said: "I want to see Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, basically the cast of The Heat."

Jessica said: "I love Kristen Wiig in anything. She's amazing. Melissa McCarthy would be amazing too."

Paul, who also directed The Heat, has said that the reboot will honour the original story while being "scarier" and "cooler."


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