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Lawrence: Oscars fall no gimmick

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she is worried people will think her Oscars falls are a "gimmick".

The American Hustle star tripped on her way up to the stage to collect her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbooks last year, and was helped up by presenter Jean Dujardin.

And this year the Best Actress nominee fell over on the red carpet as she waved to fans after stepping out of her car.

Jennifer told Access Hollywood: "I don't know how it happened, but there was a cone outside my car and yeah, I ran over the cone.

"I got so scared and I hope nobody took a picture, because I'm afraid it's going start looking like a gimmick."

She added: "I fall all the time."

Another slip up on the evening came from presenter John Travolta, who got singer Idina Menzel's name wrong.

He introduced her as, " the wickedly talented Adele Nazim!"

The Pulp Fiction star also mispronounced musical Les Miserables, as "lez Miserab-lez".


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