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Lazenby bemused by fan attention

George Lazenby has admitted he doesn't understand why fans want to buy his autograph.

The On Her Majesty's Secret Service actor appeared at the Hollywood Show alongside other stars including Britt Ekland, Bo Derek and Joan Collins to meet fans and sell autographs but said he was bemused by the attention.

He said: "It amazes me why. It's one of those fame things, you make money out of it so you do it. I always wondered why I started acting in the first place but someone talked me into it."

On the questions that fans asked him, he revealed: "They always say I am the best Bond, because they are the ones getting that autograph. I think, 'Why didn't you do another one?' was another question and basically they are the two main questions."

Asked whether he watched the newer Bond movies, he said: "But what for? I don't need to do that. I did it in its heyday and now it's darker and tougher I feel, or I've heard, but the world is.

"I can remember they had no security at the airport, you could run around without a passport, now look at it, it's gone crazy. I feel sorry for my kids but then they won't know any better."

The former 007 said filming his starring role wasn't an easy time for him.

He explained: "Do I look fondly on it? No, I look back and it was bloody hard work. Because they had me doing all my own stunts which Sean (Connery) didn't do. That's where that line came from, 'I bet the other fella didn't have to do this.'

"Meanwhile, he did a good job, Sean."


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