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Lee: Smith should make Marvel film

Comic book writer Stan Lee has said Marvel should hire director Kevin Smith to make a movie.

The former president and chairman of Marvel Comics said the filmmaker - who previously cast Stan is his 1995 film Mallrats - would be the perfect person to direct one of the superhero films, reported

He said: "Yeah, Kevin [Smith] would do a great job.

"Kevin is an old [friend]. If you're familiar with him, he's the fellow who did the movie Mallrats, years ago... my first starring vehicle."

Speaking at the London Film And Comic Con, Stan went on: "And Kevin knows the comics as well as anybody, so I don't know why Marvel doesn't hire him to do one of their movies. Maybe, they will."

Kevin, a comic book writer himself, has directed movies such as Clerks and Clerks II and Red State. His next project is horror film Tusk.


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