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Leighton: I never clean up my room

Leighton Meester has confessed she never cleans up after herself now she lives alone.

The glamorous Gossip Girl beauty stars as a psycho roommate in new horror film The Roommate and admits she'd be a "weird" person to live with in real life.

Leighton revealed: "I'm really weird - because I used to have roommates!

"I don't know, now, living alone, I'm sure I do all kinds of weird things that people are like 'that's weird!'

"But, it's nice to live alone. You don't have to clean up, you don't have to do anything, just be yourself."

In the film, co-starring Minka Kelly and Burlesque's Cam Gigandet, Leighton's character does crazy things to get her roommate's attention including killing her kitten by putting it in a tumble dryer and beating herself up so she can pretend she was mugged.

Leighton admitted her character was so creepy she has tried to blank it out.

She revealed: "I had kind of forgotten, I sort of have a self-induced amnesia about it and I just saw it and I was like 'oh yeah, I forgot about that' it's pretty crazy.

"It ultimately is very creepy but I think as long as you know that it's coming from a good place in her mind. She rationalises the weirdest things but it's all so she can have a good friend."

The Roommate is released in cinemas on Friday April 15, 2011.


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