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Leighton Meester happier without housemate

Leighton Meester prefers living alone, admitting she likes to do her “own thing”.

The actress is currently promoting her new movie The Roommate, in which she plays college freshman Rebecca who begins to scare her roommate with her erratic behaviour. Leighton loved making the thriller, but has confessed she would struggle to share a bedroom with another person because she likes her own space.

She admits she likes spending time alone and prefers to party with her friends rather than housemates.

"I'm just not as social at home. I like to go and stay in my room and do my own thing," she explained to ET. "I used to have roommates and it'd always be like I come home and there's a party going on and all my ice cream would be gone. It's kind of better to live alone nowadays."

Minka Kelly also appears in The Roommate, playing Sara – the girl who is randomly selected to live with Rebecca at college. The girls form a close bond at first, but Sara soon begins to fear for her safety when Rebecca becomes obsessed with her.

Minka also spoke about her role and the concept of living with the roommate from hell. She has revealed she is a tidy person, so if she was looking for the ideal person to live with she would hope for a competent chef.

“I keep the place clean, so maybe if someone cooked it'd be a perfect match," the actress said.

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