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Let sleeping bikinis's not for my Star Wars girl says Felicity Jones

Rogue One star Felicity Jones says a scene in the same vein as Princess Leia's appearance in a gold bikini would not suit a modern Star Wars film.

The British actress plays rebel fighter Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of three planned spin-off movies set in the Star Wars universe.

Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, famously dons a bikini-style costume in 1983's Return Of The Jedi, but the outfit has generated mounting criticism in recent years for its sexist implications.

Asked whether a similar scene would suit a modern Star Wars movie, Jones told the Press Association: "I don't think so. It depends on the story you're telling I guess.

"I think in this Jyn might have got a bit cold - giving away nothing."

Ahead of the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens last year, Fisher reportedly told the film's star Daisy Ridley: "Don't be a slave like I was. You keep fighting against that slave outfit."

Rogue One is set just before Episode IV: A New Hope and tells the story of a group of rebel fighters who set out to steal plans for the Death Star.

Jones, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in The Theory Of Everything, compared the Star Wars spin-off film to Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

She said: "It's most similar to Empire Strikes Back in that there's a quest at the heart of it and it's very much rooted in a parent-child relationship.

"Jyn's had a bit of a struggle in life. She's a little bit more of a hardened character. She knows who she is, she's knows where she's come from, she's quite streetwise."

Jones praised the film-makers for selecting a diverse cast to play the rebel fighters, which include herself, Mexican actor Diego Luna, Chinese star Donnie Yen and Briton Riz Ahmed.

She said: "They all speak many different languages, they're different races, one of them is a woman. It's extraordinary."

:: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released in UK cinemas on December 15.


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