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Libby Clegg ‘upset’ after Paralympic training camp cancelled over coronavirus

The blind sprinter was due to train in Japan ahead of the Paralympics this summer.


The camp was due to start in ‘a couple of weeks’ (Ian West/PA)

The camp was due to start in ‘a couple of weeks’ (Ian West/PA)

The camp was due to start in ‘a couple of weeks’ (Ian West/PA)

Dancing On Ice star Libby Clegg has said that she is “upset” about the cancellation of a Paralympic training camp amid fears about coronavirus.

The blind sprinter said she was due to start the camp after the conclusion of the ITV show, in which she is a finalist.

She said: “I was supposed to go to Japan for a Paralympic holding camp in a couple of weeks.

“It’s been cancelled and it’s because of the coronavirus.

“I’m a little upset because I would like to go and sort of test out certain things, because obviously preparation for the Paralympics is really important.

“But at the same time I think maybe it’s a good idea for the moment, just because predominantly because I’ve got a little boy and I don’t want him to get ill.”

The Paralympics is set to take place in Tokyo this summer.

Dancing On Ice 2020
Libby Clegg is through to the final of Dancing On Ice (Ian West/PA)

Clegg added that competing in Dancing On Ice has been “absolutely amazing” for her fitness.

She said: “This is the best shape I’ve ever been in, I’m in really good condition, even better than when I was competing on the track, so it has been really good for me.

“I’m going to work it into my training schedule every week.”

Despite being good for her fitness levels, Clegg added that skating has caused her a number of injuries.

“I’ve got very bad ice burn on my back, I’ve got a couple of bruises, my knees are black from knee sliding,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure my bum is bruised but I’ve not looked.”