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Lilly: I loved speaking Elvish

Evangeline Lilly has revealed she loved learning Elvish for The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

The Canadian actress didn't mind speaking the language of the elves for her portrayal of elf Tauriel in Peter Jackson's sequel.

"I loved Elvish. I have a bit of a passion for beautiful languages and I love speaking Elvish so that one is just enjoyable. I really liked it," she said.

Evangeline, who gave birth to son Kahekili before the shoot started, admitted that the speed she had to learn her lines took away much of the fun she expected from learning the language.

She added: " What was not enjoyable was often I would get handed my lines the night before I had to shoot. Now I have to learn Elvish with my RP (received pronunciation) accent and remember them (the lines), remember my movement and be an elf.

"It was a lot to try and prepare in one night, and get some sleep, and nurse a baby. So it was incredibly challenging. The shooting schedule was non-stop and often the pages were coming in the night before, so it was hard."

The 34-year-old worked with the creators to decide the look and style of her character, but was concerned that Tauriel would be an exact replica of her.

"That's always the danger. Sometimes you think maybe I shouldn't be a part of this because I'm just going to turn her into me and I'm pretty lame," she joked.

"There's a certain amount of recklessness that I continually bring to my characters but it was fitting for this character because she is a 300-year-old elf, with a bone to pick with orcs and with a certain amount of skill. That is an infusion of me."

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug is in cinemas now.


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