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Liman 'better' for Cruise project

Doug Liman has said that directing Tom Cruise made him a better filmmaker, and Edge Of Tomorrow could be the greatest project he ever works on.

The Bourne Identity director Doug took part in Tom's three-premieres-in-one-day press tour, which took in London, Paris and New York in 24 hours, and said the mammoth round of promotion had been Tom's plan.

He said: "Everything you do with Tom Cruise is exciting, he doesn't do anything small... Of course it was his idea, did you think it was mine? Tom Cruise lives in a world where the word 'no' doesn't exist. He convinces people to do it, he inspires people to do it."

Doug continued: "Constantly throughout Edge Of Tomorrow, I'd be thinking this big and he'd be thinking that big, and then he'd inspire me and the movie would end up being that big.

"You talk to other people and ask, 'What's it going to be like working with Tom Cruise, what do I need to know?' If you ask that with any other actor it's like here are all the problems. The only thing I was told I needed to know about Tom Cruise was that he will make you into a better filmmaker than you thought you could be.

"They were right and the next time someone comes to me and says they're going to work with Tom Cruise yet and asks what advice I can give them, I'm going to say, 'He's going to inspire you to do more than you ever thought you could do'."

Doug added that he thought he may have reached the peak of his career with Edge Of Tomorrow, a sci-fi adventure that sees Tom and co-star Emily Blunt's characters reliving the same day of an alien invasion.

He explained: "There's literally nothing that could live up to Edge Of Tomorrow. It's one of those movies that comes along once in a lifetime, it's like lightning in a bottle. I'm just trying to drink all of this in because this may be as good as it gets - Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, an amazing story, phenomenal setting, an incredible studio that supported us, amazing producers.

"Obviously I'm going to keep making movies, but this was the special one."

Edge Of Tomorrow is released in cinemas on May 30.


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