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Line Of Duty star says posh performers praised more than working-class ones

Daniel Mays said his drama school made a failed attempt to make him appear less working class.

Posh performers are getting more praise for their talent than their working-class colleagues, actor Daniel Mays has said.

Essex-born Daniel, who played Danny Waldron in Line Of Duty, said actors from the upper echelons of society are “much more in vogue” currently.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “That’s the way of the world at the moment.

“I saw my very good friend Stephen Graham in a repeat of This Is England the other night and was just completely hit for six by his performance.

“He is consistently brilliant but doesn’t necessarily get the plaudits he deserves.”

Daniel, who also appeared in Star Wars spin-off Rogue One and the film of Dad’s Army, said the prestigious drama school where he trained made attempts to make him appear posher in a bid to net more roles.

The 39-year-old said: “In Rada back in the day they would endeavour to posh you up, make you speak RP (received pronunciation) so when you went out into the industry, you’d get more work that way.

“I know actors today that have done that, but that sort of thing never sat well with me. I’m Danny and I talk like I’ve always spoken and I wouldn’t want to change it.”

:: Read the full interview in Radio Times out now.


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