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Linklater: Cast too old for Dazed 2

Richard Linklater has revealed that his "spiritual sequel" to Dazed And Confused will feature a new cast, because the original stars are now "too old".

The US filmmaker joked that the original cast, which included Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey and Milla Jovovich, are now too over-the-hill for the follow-up to the 1993 college comedy.

"I have a script actually. It's about college, so it's not the same cast but it's sort of the same spirit of it," he told

"My cast is now too old. We just had a twenty-year reunion at the New York Film Festival this year."

The coming of age film, which was written and directed by Richard, follows groups of teenagers during the last day of school in summer 1976. It has achieved cult status, with Quentin Tarantino listing it as one of his top ten movies.

Meanwhile, Richard - who tied up his Before Sunrise trilogy with third film Before Midnight - said working with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy has been a "wonderful collaboration".

"Since that first one, it's all been about originating the new film. We never fight. We never argue. We put our ideas forward and if the other two like it, we build on it. If the other two don't respond, it disappears. It's a really fluid thing," he said.

"We're just really good friends and collaborators. We goof around a lot. We just talk and digress. But we all have to agree with every piece of material. No one forces something in the movie that the other two didn't want. That's just never, ever happened."


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