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Lisburn woman Jordan Humphries' spoof song tribute to Love Island big hit with TV show

By Linda Stewart

The producers of Love Island spin-off After Sun are planning to air a parody song penned by a Lisburn woman that pokes fun at the show.

Freelance make-up artist Jordan Humphries wrote her spoof tune about the reality show to share with her friends on Facebook - only for it to go viral, attracting more than 400,000 views.

"Everyone says you're my type on paper - but they're b***ing someone else an hour later," she sings in her fun tribute to the ITV ratings winner.

The talented singer admits to a Love Island addiction, as she confesses: "And yeah, they're all mugs and fakes and snakes, and when they come out they'll be selling protein shakes.

"But at the end of the summer, we'll be crying 'please don't go'."

The song ends with an admission that she wants to apply next year to appear on the show herself. "I'll get a boob job and new lips and extensions; the club appearances alone will give me a pension. I'll launch a clothing line, you'll be wearing my dress.

"Love Island producers just say yes.

"I'll be a ho for your show. Being paid for being dumb is the ultimate goal."

Jordan shot to fame a couple of years ago when her All I Want For Christmas Is Food parody of the festive Mariah Carey hit went viral, clocking up an incredible 10m views after it was shared by The Lad Bible.

"I've done some other ones and they got a couple of hundred 'likes' from my friends, but nothing like this. It started spreading like wildlife and it's had 400,000 views now," she said.

"It's really, really crazy. The presenter of Love Island, Caroline Flack, ended up tweeting it last night. Then she tweeted and said she loved it and it was really funny.

"The Love Island producers have been in touch with me because of this video. On Sundays they have a show called After Sun which is a round-up of the week, and it has been in touch to ask if they can play the video on the show.

"They've also been in touch about other writing opportunities with them and stuff.

But Jordan admits that if she was asked to go on Love Island itself, she would have to think very hard about it.

"I would almost like to go out of morbid curiosity - but I don't know if I could put my parents and brother through it," she said. "Even fancying someone or holding hands on TV, I would totally cringe. But watch this space - never say never!"

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