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Loach film comes home to Glasgow

The UK premiere of Ken Loach's new film The Angels' Share has taken place in the city where it is set.

Loach attended the special screening at Cineworld in Glasgow, with Paul Brannigan, who plays the lead character in the film, Robbie.

The film tells the story of an unemployed young offender locked in a family feud and that he cannot seem to find a way out of.

When his baby son is born, he decides to turn things around and, after meeting a group of friends while on community service for assault, he discovers he has a skill for whisky tasting.

Described as a "bittersweet comedy", The Angels' Share tackles some of the grittier realities of life like youth unemployment.

The premiere in Glasgow is only the second time the film has been shown, the first was at Cannes Film Festival in France, where it won the Jury Prize.

Fresh off the back of Cannes, the cast, which includes Gary Maitland (Albert), Jasmin Riggins (Mo), William Ruane (Rhino) and Siobhan Reilly (Leonie), made their way down the red carpet, signing autographs for their home fans.

Loach said: "We're quite nervous because this is the most critical audience. The audience in Cannes was very nice but this is the really big one, because if they rate it here then we know we're okay.

"With these characters you could tell a serious story or tell a comedy, and they make you smile. Humour is a kind of resistance really, a human adversity, and they sure have their fair share of adversity.

"It's universal humour in some ways, and it's very special to Glasgow in other ways."


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