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Loose Women's Linda Robson reveals wee mishap in train toilet

She was caught “mid-stream”, she said, to the sound of hysterical laughter.

Actress Linda Robson had the Loose Women audience in stitches as she revealed she was caught urinating on a train toilet floor earlier this week.

The Birds Of A Feather star and regular panellist on the show told her colleagues of her embarrassing incident, caused by a toilet door that failed to lock, which happened on Monday as she and fellow panellist Andrea McLean were on a train back from Manchester.

Linda, 59, said: “We’d filmed up there all day, we were on the train home, probably about 10 minutes from Euston, so I thought ‘I’ll quickly run to the loo, I’ve got the car journey home then’.

“I go to the toilet, and it was one of them little round toilets.

“I go in there, pressed all the buttons, locked the door and sat on the toilet seat, and it kept going ‘the toilet door is not locked’.”

She said: “So, mid-stream, I jumped up, panicked, went to press the lock on the door, press open, the door opened.”

As the audience and the TV stars fell about in hysterics, she added: “I had my knickers around my ankles, the ticket man is standing there, he put his hands in front of his face.

“There was a mess all over the floor!”

Linda said she returned to “sort myself out” and added the incident left her laughing uncontrollably when she returned to her seat.

She said: “Andrea and the Loose Women team had heard and seen everything. Poor ticket man.”

Linda’s unfortunate toilet tale entertained viewers at home, as many went on Twitter to share their amusement and sympathy, and similar stories, with her.

One Loose Women fan wrote: “Made me laugh Linda, lol.”

Another wrote: “I’ve done the same in Starbucks! @loosewomen @LindaRobson58.”

“I was sitting on the train toilet weeing when the door opened! Facing entire carriage #mortified #neverliveitdown,” one viewer wrote.


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