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Lord Sugar celebrates 50th wedding anniversary with wife Ann

The TV star shared a photo from the wedding day.


The Graham Norton Show – London

The Graham Norton Show – London

The Graham Norton Show – London

Lord Alan Sugar has celebrated 50 years of marriage to wife Ann with a photograph from their wedding day.

The Apprentice star posted a recent photograph of the couple on Twitter, alongside a picture from their ceremony on April 28 1968.

In both pictures they are holding up wine glasses.

He wrote on Twitter: “I have been married to this wonderful lady (Ann) for 50 years today.”

The couple are parents to three children and have seven grandchildren.

For their 40th wedding anniversary, Lord Sugar threw a lavish party at their home in Essex, which was attended by his Twitter sparring partner Piers Morgan and featured performances from Sir Elton John and the West End cast of Jersey Boys.

Writing about the party in the Mail On Sunday, Morgan said Lord Sugar told guests: “I can honestly say I have never ever heard anyone say a bad word about Ann.

“As you know you can’t say the same about me. Talk about chalk and cheese.

“She always says the day she met me she knew she had met Mr Right; what she didn’t know was that my first name was Always.”

He added: “A real successful man puts the love of his wife and children first, a real successful man’s greatest position in life is to have a great family.

“I am lucky enough to have had a wife for 40 years, who gave me three great children, who in turn have given us seven wonderful grandchildren.

“You see, everything I have today is because of the love of that lady and the respect my three children have for the both of us. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming, let’s have a great night.”