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Louis Walsh hits back at Wagner over X Factor claims

Louis Walsh has dismissed claims by former X Factor act Wagner Carhillo that he's the reason for his exit from the show last weekend.

The controversial performer, who was booted out of the programme after the judge chose Mary Byrne over him, is laying the blame squarely at the feet of the Westlife manager.

However, Louis has laughed off the suggestions.

"It was fun working with him, and I made him a household name after all," he said.

Louis even went on to compare him to John and Edward Grimes in terms of his novelty appeal.

"He brought something different, as did Jedward last year," he said. "They're the talking point. Some people like them, some people don't like them.

"He was a brilliant artist to work with. You're never going to please everybody."

But Wagner was adamant that his ejection from the show was down to Louis.

"The trouble was Louis gave me fast songs in English, so I had difficulty learning the lyrics. My language is Portuguese. I didn't have enough time to rehearse and practise," he said.

"The songs that can show my voice like La Fortuna and The Wonder Of You and Creep, I sang well because I connect with the emotion. She Bangs, I can't feel that."

Louis also stands by his decision to choose Mary Byrne over Wagner and says he's 100pc happy with his move on Sunday.

Both Wagner and Katie Waissel left the programme in a double-eviction shocker.

However, Katie was the only one giving press interviews after reports Wagner has now been banned from speaking to the media in case he generated more negative publicity.

In his only interview on the Xtra Factor, the former lion- tamer also said the level of abuse he got from the British press was unfair.

Meanwhile Cheryl Cole is packing up and moving to Los Angeles, to be closer to her dancer pal Derek Hough.

Since landing a role as judge on the US version of the X Factor, the brunette beauty (27) will be jumping ship from the UK to her new Californian base -- but won't be doing it alone.

The superstar singer, who has developed a close relationship with Dancing With The Stars hunk Hough, will be joined by her close friend as she attempts to crack the American market.

Both have remained tight lipped about the nature of their friendship, but in a true sign that things are moving forward, friends say she hopes to sell her €7m Surrey mansion she shared with ex-husband Ashley Cole and will then settle down in Tinseltown.

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