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Louise Lear 'loses it' during BBC News weather forecast

BBC weather presenter Louise Lear's fit of the giggles while attempting to present the forecast on Wednesday has been given the thumbs up on social media.

As Simon McCoy introduced the weather presenter she began laughing uncontrollably and struggled to compose herself as she read her report.

Viewers took to social media to give their approval.

Andrew Murphy tweeted: "Just watched Louise Lear the weather woman lose it on BBC news. So funny, I even ended up laughing!"

@MadonnaEffect said: "Well done Louise Lear for pulling herself together so professionally after that hilarious fit of the giggles."

@JanieBrun said: "Most entertaining weather forecast...well...ever."

@itsthatband: "Louise Lear on BBC Weather! Loved it!".

Ms Lear was eventually able to get things under control and finished the forecast. Video can be viewed above. The source of her amusement is unknown.

Banter king Simon McCoy, who has a reputation for joking with weather presenters during his handovers, has denied being responsible.

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