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Love Island contestants oblivious about England’s World Cup progress

Former hopeful Rosie Williams revealed islanders could not watch the matches.

Love Islanders are missing out on World Cup fever as it has been revealed they are not allowed to watch the games.

Former hopeful Rosie Williams said she and her fellow contestants would try and ask producers about England’s matches, but to no avail.

Speaking to, the 26-year-old said: “The boys, and me as well, we would try and find out the scores but no-one would tell us anything and we asked if we could possibly watch it but [they said] no.”

Rosie Williams at the Lord Raglan Pub in London as fans watch the World Cup match between England and Belgium (Matt Alexander/PA Images)

If England – who face their first match in the knockout stage against Colombia on Tuesday – get to the final, the islanders could well miss out on that too.

Williams added: “In Love Island you are just in the villa with no contact from outside world, so watching football would be some contact.”

Rosie was dumped from the villa after partner Adam Collard moved on to Zara McDermott, who was voted out last week.


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