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Love Island couple embarrassed at being interrupted by housemates

Megan has told Wes that ‘I feel like we’re proper boyfriend and girlfriend’.

Love Island couple Wes and Megan are repeatedly interrupted as they attempt to have a private moment.

The pair’s fledgling relationship has gone from strength-to-strength on the ITV2 show.

And Megan tells Wes on Sunday night’s episode: “I feel like we’re proper boyfriend and girlfriend. I do really fancy you.

“I can just picture when we’re not in here. The more I picture what it’s going to be like, I just want to do it now.”

Jack walks into the bedroom (ITV Studios)

Wes responds: “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend so it’s allowed.”

But Steph walks in on them before saying: “I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it, shall I?”

New contestant Laura also arrives and says: “You guys are just numb to anyone else aren’t you?” before she is followed by Jack, who says: “Am I that awkward geezer that shouldn’t be here?”

Speaking in the Beach Hut afterwards, Megan says: “We’re just having a cute lie-down during the day. A little spoon never hurt anyone, no-one will be around. And then of all people Jack walks in. I was like, ‘Just get out! It’s so embarrassing.”

Sunday night’s episode also sees a date night get Alex and Alexandra back on track.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Love Island: Aftersun follows at 10pm.


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