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Love Island's Camilla and Jonny fall out after feminism argument

Is there trouble in paradise for Love Islanders Jonny and Camilla?

Love Island contestants Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell have fallen out after a heated row about feminism, leaving their budding romance in jeopardy.

The pair shared their first kiss in the luxurious island villa in Tuesday night’s episode of the ITV2 show.

But things took a turn later in the evening when a conversation about dating etiquette escalated into a spat about feminism and equality that left Camilla insisting: “I can barely look at him.”

The trouble started when Camilla asked Jonny whether he would pay for the girl on a date and he said he always would and that he would feel “almost emasculated” if a girl paid.

Camilla, who was once romantically linked to Prince Harry, replied that she would feel “so awkward” if she did not contribute, leading Jonny to ask her: “You’re a feminist aren’t you?”

The pair then started discussing equality, with the debate becoming increasingly heated.

“Shouldn’t we all be feminists? Surely you believe in equality,” asked Camilla.

Jonny replied: “Oh, I believe in equality but I feel like feminism believes in almost inequality.”

He went on to say that “the majority of feminists, real feminists, believe in a slope towards them, rather than towards men”.

But Camilla snapped back: “I don’t think it’s that, but I think it’s difficult for men to see that there’s been several generations which have been preferential towards men and therefore to redress the balance, there has to be in some way an active movement towards equality.”

Jonny also suggested women do have equality, pointing out that the Prime Minister is female.

Camilla pressed: “But do you think truly that we’ve achieved equality in the UK? Do you honestly believe women have equal opportunities to men?”

And Jonny responded: “I believe that women almost have more opportunities.”

The argument left Camilla questioning her compatibility with Mitchell.

She said: “I’m so stupid, this is actually what I didn’t want to do – start liking someone before I got to know them.

“Because this is what happens when you move too quickly, then you find something out and then you just know this could never go anywhere.”

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 on Wednesday.