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Love Island’s Finn asks Paige to be his girlfriend

The episode also saw a surprise appearance from Sean Paul.


Paige Turley is paired up with Finn Tapp (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Paige Turley is paired up with Finn Tapp (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Paige Turley is paired up with Finn Tapp (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Love Island has its first real couple as Paige Turley agreed to be Finn Tapp’s girlfriend.

The pair have been coupled up since early in the ITV2 reality show and have been open about developing strong feelings for each other.

In Sunday night’s episode, Finn decides he wants to make things official and pops the question, asking Paige to be his girlfriend.

Taking Paige to the firepit, Finn told her how happy he had been since he returned single from Casa Amor, to find she had waited for him too.

“It’s a different scale of how happy I am and I notice how happy you are as well,” he said.

Admitting he was nervous, Finn told Paige he knew from early on that they would click, but had had to break down some of her barriers.

“There is so much I love about you inside and out,” he said, saying he particularly loved her eyes and lips.

“I knew there was a heart in there and I knew there was a soft side and you’ve definitely shown it now,” he added.

Looking Paige in the eye, he asked: “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Clapping her hand over her mouth, Paige looked stunned and asked him to repeat the question, before they kissed and their fellow islanders cheered.

Sunday night’s episode also saw a guest appearance from Sean Paul, who treated the contestants to a show in the back garden.

And there was drama for Shaughna Phillips as she confronted her ex Callum Jones about ditching her for new girl Molly Smith.

Callum insisted he had been genuine about liking her before his head was turned by Molly, but Shaughna refused to believe him.

“I think you are a liar,” she told him.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and in Ireland on Virgin Media Television.