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Lucas: Star Wars won't use my ideas

George Lucas has revealed that the new Star Wars film will not be using the ideas that he passed on to Disney for it.

The creator of the film franchise sold his company Lucasfilm to Disney after he had already planned to make a seventh instalment, and gave them his suggestions for the plot in his handover.

But George has told Cinema Blend that Disney didn't take up his ideas for Star Wars: The Force Awakens: " The ones that I sold to Disney, they came up to the decision that they didn't really want to do those. So they made up their own. So it's not the ones that I originally wrote."

George also told USA Today that he had originally wanted to direct the upcoming film, but decided to hand it over to JJ Abrams so that he could spend more time with his toddler daughter.

He explained: "The time is more important to me than the money. It's better for me to get out at the beginning of a new thing and I can just remove myself.

"By the time she's five, she'll have her own career going and being in school and talking about her friends and her homework. The fun, goofy time will fall into place in reality, as opposed to right now, when she doesn't have much else to do but hang out with her father."

He added that there were good things about not being involved in making the film: "The only thing I really regret about Star Wars is the fact I never got to see it - I never got to be blown out of my seat when the ship came over the screen. The next one, I'll be able to enjoy it like anybody else."


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