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Luke Goss suffered for his art

Luke Goss has a catalogue of injuries from performing his own stunts.

The former Bros singer, who has starred in Blade II, Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Blood Out, says he's now realised he can't do all his own action scenes.

"If you can do it safely, then I want to do it. I do think the bigger the films, the more absurd the stunts are, so at that point, you have to step away and leave it to the stuntmen.

"When I started, I tried to do everything because you want to be valid but you realise you can't," he said.

"Blade II opened that door for me. I've had weapons training, and worked with guns as well as hand-to-hand combat."

Luke, who turns 43 this month, doesn't mind suffering for his art.

"I was doing a scene on the front of the car in Blood Out. I was on the roof of the car going at 55mph travelling several blocks, the car was swerving and I was literally holding on from one side to the roof to the other. The next morning, I had a belt of bruises," he recalled.

"I've split my head open, when I got hit by the butt end of a sword. In Death Race, I kicked my shin open. If it's an action movie, you end up with some kind of injury."

:: Blood Out is out on DVD and Blu-ray from September 26.


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