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Luke Wilson's Middle Men 'nerves'

Luke Wilson has admitted he gets nervous when watching his new movies for the first time.

"Sometimes it's fun to watch movies and other times it's a little nerve-wracking," the actor confessed at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film Middle Men.

Inspired by the true story of two Californian men who invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet, Luke told reporters he was looking forward to seeing what cinemagoers think of it.

"This is actually a movie I'm very proud of, so I'm looking forward to seeing it," he insisted.

Actress Laura Ramsey, who plays a young porn star and one of Luke's love interests, said she quickly befriended the Hollywood star in real life.

"He's amazing, he's such a cool guy. We drank a Heineken together and everything was great, I knew I'd love him.

"We talked about the script, read our scenes together, he's just super down-to-earth," she explained.

Director and co-writer George Gallo said the cast quickly adjusted to seeing people flashing the flesh in the movie's saucier scenes.

"After 15 minutes you get used to it, after a while a naked woman and a chair were about the same thing, we just wanted to shoot it and get it done," he laughed.


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