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Lumley: DiCaprio kisses too brief

Joanna Lumley has denied she and Leonardo DiCaprio needed 27 takes to get their kissing scene right.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress locked lips with the Oscar-nominated actor, who stars as disgraced New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street . She plays his character's aunt.

"Twenty-seven takes - that was a joke. It was going to be a bit of kissing though," she said.

"We did do it again, then we had to do it in close-up, then we had to do a long shot, then over his shoulders and over mine. Then again because I went wrong, and then he went wrong. We did it in a miserably short few, it was lovely, and then I kissed him goodbye."

Joanna, who's promoting the Marks & Spencer "schwopping" campaign to encourage people to swap and recycle their unwanted clothes, joked they got in plenty of practice before the cameras rolled.

"I had to rehearse with him for the kissing. He had to learn from an older woman," she quipped.

The 67-year-old actress, who is 28 years older than Leo, revealed she now has "the biggest crush" on her co-star.

" I have the biggest crush on him and I'm old enough to be his mother. H e's a wonderful actor. I love the way he looks, the things he does and his film choices," she said.

" I was afraid (of meeting him). I've met a few actors who are great, and when you meet them, you think, 'Shame'. This one - divine. Clever, smart, responsible, courteous, hard-working, and as an actor, just perfect."

Joanna even got a parting gift from her kissing partner. She added: "Leo sent me a jacket, which he put 'Love Leo' on the back of. That won't be schwopped."


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