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Lundgren film set struck by blast

Dolph Lundgren's latest film has suffered a setback after six people were injured in an explosion on set.

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told Entertainment Tonight that the incident happened around 1pm in British Columbia, Canada, where the action man is filming In The Name Of The King: Dungeon Siege 2.

The six victims suffered varying degrees of burns, but none of the injuries are suspected to be life threatening.

Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the blast, which is reported to have happened as a propane heater was being filled in the holding area on the film's set.

In Dungeon Siege 2 - the follow-up to 2007's In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale with Dolph's Expendables co-star Jason Statham - the all-action hero plays an ex-Special Forces soldier who is thrown back to medieval times to fulfil an ancient prophecy.


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