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Lutz, Pattinson reunite in Cannes

Kellan Lutz has said his Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson "just doesn't care about the money".

The actors were reunited at the Cannes Film Festival, where they were both promoting movies, and Kellan revealed his pride at Rob for focusing on doing great film projects rather than his bank balance.

The actor, who was promoting The Expendables 3 at the festival, said: " It's great chatting with Rob and seeing his success.

"I think one of the great things talking with Rob after we did Twilight stuff is he just doesn't care about the money. He's doing good work and he wants to work with great directors and great actresses and actors and working with great material, as we all should."

"I think that the blessing of being part of the Twilight franchise is it's given us this safety net," he added.

Kellan also said he believes Rob - who was in Cannes with The Rover and Maps To The Stars - will win an Oscar one day.

"He has the chops and he's doing what he loves to do and I'm so proud of him for everything that he's doing," he said.


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