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Lynch loves voice work for variety

Jane Lynch has said she loves doing voiceovers because they open up a whole new world of characters for her to play.

The Glee star voices a cyclops with anger management issues in animated space adventure Escape From Planet Earth and has previously voiced roles for films such as Wreck It Ralph and Shrek Forever After.

Asked if voice work offered more variety of characters, she replied: "Oh my gosh, yes. I wouldn't be able to play a cyclops, not without doing hours and hours of make-up. So yes, that's what's so fun about it.

"I got to play this really hot woman warrior in Space Chimps, which I would never have been cast as in real life, and I played an ogre in Shrek."

Jane admitted that the cyclops had issues in common with many of her other roles, such as Glee's Sue Sylvester and Role Models' Sweeny.

She said: "There is a burning anger that I'm able to generate that people seem to want more of, so that makes me happy. To keep myself interested and creative I try to make every character a little bit different and make that anger come from a different place.

"I think we're all fascinated with what we can do with our anger and sometimes my characters are personally generated but most of the time they are not."

Jane added: "I think it's really great to play around with the stuff that seems dark and put it into characters and ultimately be able to laugh, I think is really healthy.

"Before I got into therapy I didn't have any control over my anger and then one day my therapist asked me when I was complaining about something to create a character who spoke in just that voice. We had such a blast doing that, I started using the character in cabarets and I actually called her The Angry Lady. It definitely helped me."

Escape From Planet Earth is released in cinemas on March 7.


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