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Mackenzie eyes O'Connell for film

Director David Mackenzie has revealed he wants Jack O'Connell to star in his film about Robert the Bruce.

The filmmaker has plans for a movie about the Scottish king and thinks there is a part that would be perfect for the former Skins star, who he worked with on Starred Up.

He told Collider: "I almost certainly am gonna work with him again, so, you know, that's great."

He went on: "We're trying to do a project about the medieval Scottish king, Robert the Bruce, and I'm trying to get Jack involved in that.

"And I can't say that's official, but Jack and I have been in discussion on that.

"But not as the Robert the Bruce character, as a secondary character, but a very, very sort of close second."

David also opened up about his vision for the film, saying he saw it as being "on a very, very big scale in a sort of historical style".

Jack, 24, is also set to star in historical action film '71 and period romance Tulip Fever.


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