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Madonna at W.E. premiere in Toronto

Madonna's latest stop on her W.E. promotional tour has been Toronto, where she praised the "controversial character" of Wallis Simpson.

The Queen of Pop hotfooted it from Venice to the film festival in Toronto, where she took to the red carpet ahead of the Canadian premiere of her directorial debut.

Speaking about the American who King Edward VIII sacrificed the British throne for, Madonna said: "People just can't understand why men who are essentially power-seeking creatures would give up what at the time was the most powerful position in the world, the throne, for love."

She went on: "It seems unfathomable and I think that's why she's become such a controversial character and I think that's why people had to create stories about her and say, 'she's a witch that put a spell on him' or something crazy instead of thinking you can make actually a sacrifice for love."

Madonna, who wore a slinky black Tom Ford dress, posed for pictures next to the film's stars Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough.


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