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Magician Dynamo has learnt a new skill – cooking

The star’s diet is restricted because of Crohn’s disease.

Dynamo (Ian West/PA)
Dynamo (Ian West/PA)

Magician Dynamo says he has finally learnt how to cook – at the age of 36.

The illusionist, who has wowed millions with tricks such as levitation and walking on water, has learnt a new skill.

The star, whose diet is restricted because he suffers from Crohn’s disease,  was given recipe books by his family for Christmas.

He told the Off Menu podcast: “Because of my illness I can’t have lactose, I can’t have vegetables. It’s easier to name the things I can have.

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“I pretty much live on potatoes without the skin. They can’t be fried. I can’t have any fried food.

“It has to be stuff that’s either grilled or diced up really small so I can digest it really easily, because my insides are messed up.

“I can’t have fizzy drinks, definitely can’t have alcohol. Basically I can’t have any fun. I have to make my own fun.

“I can’t even eat custard. Imagine a dessert without custard.”

He said: “I only learnt how to cook last Christmas. For Christmas, all my family got me cookbooks, they even got me Cooking Basics For Dummies.

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“It was like an intervention. So I started to learn how to cook.

“I’m pretty good at making pancakes, I make them gluten free and lactose free – they’re Dynamo friendly.”

Dynamo, who was unable to even shuffle cards at times after ending up in hospital as a result of food poisoning combined with Crohn’s, said: “My diet is boring and repetitive and I have to do whatever I can to make it exciting.

“I enjoy the taste of food and would be a foodie if I didn’t have Crohn’s.”

He said of his condition: “I was diagnosed when I was 14. I’ve had parts of my bowel removed but there are still bits of the Crohn’s there.

“Because of all the operations I’ve had, it’s left me a bit messed up inside.”

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