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Mandy lets hair down as Rapunzel

Mandy Moore has joked she couldn't be a real-life Rapunzel - because she is "inept" at looking after her hair.

The actress and former singer provides the voice for the fairytale character in Disney's new animated movie Tangled.

"I'm very inept with my hair," the actress laughed at the film's Hollywood premiere. "A good hair day is when you're lucky enough to have someone to help you and a bad hair day is when I'm left to my own devices - but that's what hats are for, right?"

The actress lends her voice to the classic long-haired beauty in the updated fairytale, alongside Zachary Levi, star of Living TV show Chuck.

"It's so cool being a Disney princess," Mandy said. "I grew up with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin and Beauty And The Beast and to now be included in that same Disney lineage is still crazy for me to wrap my head around."


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