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Mandy Moore: I nearly went crazy making Tangled

Mandy Moore says she almost went “crazy” making new animated film Tangled.

The singer voices Rapunzel in the Disney movie, which was a hit with critics when it was released in the US last year.

But Mandy admits the production process – which involved her speaking into a microphone rather than interacting with other people – was a challenge by the end.

“You do feel slightly crazy at the end of the day like you’ve been talking to yourself for a couple of hours,” she told Cover Media. “But it’s such a blast, to use your imagination like that.”

However, Mandy got a fair amount of help so that she didn’t feel too isolated. She says that the filmmakers were on hand for a great deal of the movie. “But I was lucky to work with the directors [Nathan Greno and Byron Howard] closely, they were fantastic and so thorough at explaining everything to me and Nathan would read with me most of the time,” the 26-year-old explained.

The superstar thoroughly enjoyed her time on set but admits there were a number of other struggles. These included quirks such as what certain words should sound like – something that was added to Mandy’s annoyance that she could not speak directly to the other characters.

“There were different accents that didn’t need to be punctuated and certain words needed to be punctuated. That was more of a challenge,” she explained. “The actual voicing of the dialogue in the film, I think I was more slightly disappointed initially that all of the actors weren’t going to be working together because I thought it’d be fun, the camaraderie of the gang all being together.”

Mandy is an experienced singer, having released six studio albums. But she revealed that the job came as a shock to her – because getting the sound right was not as straightforward as it would be for a solo LP.

“I actually went into the experience thinking, ‘Oh, the singing thing, I’ve been in the studio before, how hard can it be?’ I didn’t realise the challenge of singing in character in a way. When you go into the studio and you’re singing music that you had a hand in writing it’s almost, there’s not a lot of thought behind it, I just sort of sing,” she added. “You know, being in the studio and singing this music and sort of trying to be in a certain head space was challenging because I couldn’t just approach it the way I would automatically.”

Tangled is released in the UK on January 28.

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