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Mandy Moore proud of feisty role in Tangled

Disney bosses had a “hunk off” before commencing work on Tangled, to ensure the hero was as good looking as possible.

The animated picture tells the story of long-haired Rapunzel, who has lived in a tower her whole life. Mandy Moore voices the character, while Zachary Levi is her love interest Flynn Ryder.

Disney animator Glen Keane has admitted rumours bosses wanted Flynn to be the best looking man in the history of their movies are completely true. “We had a meeting where we brought in all the girls in the studio and we put up pictures and drawings of all of their favourite hunks and it was kind of a hunk off, I guess,” he laughed.

Although Tangled is based on the story of Rapunzel, it has been given a modern twist. That is one of the reasons Mandy was so keen to be involved – she loved the fact that Rapunzel was not a weak character.

“We sort of took the classic fairytale and twisted it a little bit. Rapunzel is feisty and spirited and fearless, instead of waiting to be rescued, the damsel in distress, she’s sort of takes the lead and ends up rescuing the guy, which I like,” she told a British television show.

Mandy fond shooting the movie strange, as she was on her own the whole time. She had expected to work with some of the other stars at least for some of the time, but it didn’t work out like that. Donna Murphy plays the woman posing as Rapunzel’s mother, but she and Mandy didn’t talk face to face until the film has wrapped.

“You’re looking at nothing, there’s no point of reference, no animation to look at. Occasionally we would see still shots, I knew what the character and the tower would look like but so much had to come from your imagination,” Mandy explained.

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