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Mangan wants thrilling Pat sequel

Postman Pat star Stephen Mangan has revealed he would happily say yes to a sequel.

The 41-year-old actor, who is the voice of the cartoon character in Postman Pat: The Movie, visited pupils at Sulivan Primary School in Fulham, London, where he led them in a sing-along of the show's theme tune before a question-and-answer session.

"I'd love to do another animated film, I'd love to do another Postman Pat film," he said.

"I think animated films are some of the best films that are being made at the moment - Frozen, Up, the Toy Story trilogy and the Postman Pat movie. It's a really fertile area for creativity."

Stephen, who also stars in Episodes, suggested the beloved postie could discover his action skills for a potential adrenaline-fuelled sequel.

"I'd like to see Pat recruited by the Secret Services and go on some kind of James Bond-style mission to Russia or the Middle East, parachuting out of planes and involved in some high-speed car chases. (It'll be) action Pat, 00-Pat," he teased.

The actor, who has two young sons, admitted his young fans are amongst the toughest audiences to please.

"Children aren't polite. They're not adults: they won't pretend they like something or be quiet, they'll make a noise, they'll get up and move around," he said.

"When we had the premiere in Leicester Square, the cinema was half-full of four, five and six-year-olds. I'm glad to say they were entirely hooked in that cinema that day."

:: Postman Pat: The Movie, which also features the voices of Rupert Grint, Ronan Keating and Jim Broadbent, opens in cinemas on May 23.


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