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Mangold: Jackman so collaborative

James Mangold has revealed his close relationship with X-Men star Hugh Jackman was invaluable when it came to making The Wolverine.

The filmmaker directed the Aussie star in the upcoming superhero movie and told Deadline that Hugh's involvement with the character was good for the film.

He said: "Having a star be so involved this way can be uncomfortable or really great. I have always been close with Hugh, and that helped.

"He's so collaborative that once he establishes where you're headed, he gives you the map and lets you take him there."

James, who was speaking at Comic-Con, also revealed he jumped at the opportunity to take the reins on the superhero film.

"Several things appealed to me," he said. "The studio and the star were ready to do something different.

"This didn't have to serve other films, we were operating off some perception of disappointment for the first film. To follow an act that tripped in some way gave us a lot of freedom. As for my own sensibility as a filmmaker, the opportunity I sensed was a chance to make a movie more like the comic books I've read and less like what I call comic book event movies."


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