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Margolyes: I'll always be Sprout

Miriam Margolyes has said she's come to expect she'll always be known as Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter films.

The 73-year-old actress has been appearing on stage and screen for years. But playing kindly Herbology teacher Professor Sprout in the blockbusting Harry Potter franchise has made her famous all over the world, and she is often approached by starstruck children.

Miriam said: "I know that I will go to my grave as Professor Sprout, whatever else I've done.

"I'm grateful that I was able to be in that series of films. I remember being mobbed in Lithuania, which I didn't expect, because of Professor Sprout."

Her latest role is as Colin's "naughty" nan Rose in Trollied. Now in its fourth series, the supermarket-based comedy, set in Warrington, boasts Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy among its cast.

But Miriam admitted she won't be tuning in to watch the show.

"I don't like watching myself because I only see the mistakes I make," she explained. "And that makes me sad because I think, 'I should have done that better, that's not right', so it's just too depressing."

The actress loves working and is keen to get back on the stage.

"I'd love to do more Shakespeare, because that's hard," she revealed.

"One should do difficult things as you get older. You shouldn't fall back on the easy things, so I do hope that I keep working. That's my main aspiration, because after a certain point, people think you can't do it, so you have to prove you can."

:: Trollied is on Sky1 on Mondays.


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