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Marsden: Russell Brand is so gifted

James Marsden reckons Russell Brand is a "brilliant" actor.

The Enchanted star has been singing Russell's praises having just finished work on Hop, in which the British comedian and actor plays the Easter bunny.

"He's brilliant, that word gets tossed around casually these days, but he really is a really brilliant comedian, very sharp, very smart and what he brings to a performance that's not even on a page... he happens to be so gifted as an actor," James said on the promo trail for Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore.

"We just wrapped two weeks ago but we had a week or two of pre-recording sessions where he and I actually sat in a room together with his mic and my mic and got to mess around. He's a joy to work with," he explained.

James admitted he hadn't quite known what to expect from Russell.

"I guess I was just ignorant to the whole Russell thing, I thought he would be some drunk party animal but he's been sober for 10 years, very professional, sweet and engaging," he said.

James added: "You know when somebody looks at you and they're asking about your life and you can tell they really care? Just the simplicity of that, he's a good man."


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