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Marshall sings Streep's praises

Into The Woods director Rob Marshall has been singing the praises of his film's big star, Meryl Streep.

Meryl stars as the Witch in the film adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical, alongside James Corden and Emily Blunt as the Baker and the Baker's Wife.

Speaking at the film's London gala screening, Rob said of Meryl: "She's perfection, but she's perfection, too, as a person. There's no one like her. She's the real thing, she really cares about the work, she loves to act. She doesn't carry that legend status around with her in any way, shape or form - she's just a real actor.

"She brings this to life in such an unexpected way and I'm so excited for people to see how great she is in the film."

The film also features Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick and Tracey Ullman in an all-star cast.

Rob added: "I always feel if you do your work, you have to do no work at all in terms of casting because people come in and claim the roles. I asked Meryl to do this, which was a dream for me, if you can imagine, for any director.

"There's no one like Meryl. Someone who can bring that kind of depth to the role, that humour, that vulnerability. When I watch her performance, every time I've seen this film, and I've seen it zillions of times, it's like I'm seeing it for the first time when I watch Meryl."

Into The Woods is in cinemas now (January 9).


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