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Mary Lynn has no 24 film concerns

Mary Lynn Rajskub has said she is confident the 24 movie will work - despite it not being in real-time.

Kiefer Sutherland - who plays central character Jack Bauer in the hit TV series - has previously revealed the movie will be a two-hour representation of one day, rather than in the TV format.

But Mary Lynn - who plays Jack's CTU sidekick Chloe O'Brian - is convinced the movie will be a success.

"I spent a long time thinking 'how are they going to do it?'" she admitted. "Then I just realised, why wouldn't it work - I guess you don't get the ticking clock in real time but I think that's OK."

She joked: "It's going to be in really fast motion. Sped up."

Mary Lynn also joked that she was also writing her own 24 film.

She quipped: "I'm personally writing the 24 film. Jack wears a jetpack throughout the film in his underwear. This is the script that I'm developing so I'm hoping to get that underway in January.

"It films in Stockholm and London. And Iceland. I wanted to get a lot of scenery. I wanted to get a lot of nature. I wanted it to take place in nature where a lot of the terrorists are in his mind. I'm hoping they'll give me a lot of money for that script."

:: Season eight of 24 and the box set of all eight seasons are available now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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