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Mary Poppins for film registry

Mary Poppins and Pulp Fiction are among the 25 films selected for preservation by the US Library of Congress this year.

The 1964 Disney classic starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke is fittingly being inducted into the National Film Registry in the same year as Saving Mr Banks, the story of how the film was made, was released.

Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is also among the movies chosen to be preserved for their cultural, historical or cinematic significance.

The films are taken from the period 1919-2002 and include classics like Rita Hayworth's Gilda, sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet, western The Magnificent Seven and war drama Judgment At Nuremberg.

Space race film The Right Stuff and Michael Moore's documentary confronting the auto industry, Roger And Me are also on the list.

Congress created the programme in 1989 to ensure that gems from American movie history are preserved for years to come.

The oldest films joining the registry this year are from the silent era. They include 1920's Daughter Of Dawn, which featured an all-Native American cast.


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