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Matt Bomer: I don’t want my sons to be child actors

He has three children with husband Simon Halls.

Magic Mike star Matt Bomer has said he is adamant he does not want his children to be actors while they are still young.

Bomer, who shares three sons Kit, Henry and Walker with husband Simon Halls, has said his experience in Hollywood has convinced him he does not want them to be child actors.

He told the Press Association: “When they are adults they can do whatever they want.

“What I won’t let happen is we don’t want them to be child actors. I see what kids in the business have to watch, it’s tough to do.”

Bomer will next be seen as Hollywood studio executive Monroe Stahrin in Amazon series The Last Tycoon, based on the last unfinished manuscript of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Matt Bomer in The Last Tycoon (Amazon)

The novel  was turned into a film in 1976, starring Robert De Niro as Stahr, with a screenplay by Harold Pinter and with Elia Kazan in the director’s chair, and Bomer said it was intimidating to follow in those footsteps.

He said: “I love the film, I’m a huge fan of it. I only allowed myself to to watch it once before I even committed though.

“I wanted to see how they stacked up. If the series was going to be a re-creation I didn’t want to do it.  The film is faithful to the novel but Billy (Ray, the series director) took the nucleus and broadened it out.”

Bomer with Lily Collins in the series (Amazon)

His next project will be turning his hand to directing, to helm an episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, the follow up to Ryan Murphy’s hit series The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Bomer has already worked on Murphy’s projects American Horror Story and The Normal Heart, as well as an episode of Glee.

He said: “In many ways he has been the architect of my career and a great friend.

“He’s a brilliant creative and a genius, he is two steps ahead of the zeitgeist so it’s right where it needs to be when the project comes out.”

He said he is thrilled Murphy is giving him the chance to direct, but added: “I’ve been doing episodic work for 20 years and I’m getting to work in a new way, it’s a great kick in the pants for me.

“I do and I don’t remember it (the murder). I was living in semi-rural Texas so I’m doing the research now and having an understanding of everything that transpired.”

After that Bomer is keen to “get in touch with his artistic intuition”, adding: “You have to remember you’re an artist and get hungry.”

He added: “I’m blessed to have a family so it’s not like I’m twiddling my thumbs, when I’m not working that’s where all my attention comes.”

The Last Tycoon is available on Amazon Prime Video now.


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