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Matt Damon: I need to connect with my movies

Matt Damon only appears in movies he feels a personal connection with.

The 40-year-old has an extensive film career, having appeared in a host of hit movies including Good Will Hunting, Invictus and The Departed. Matt is synonymous with the Jason Bourne series of films and also writes scripts.

But the actor admits he turns work down unless it touches him on an emotional level. He thinks that, ultimately, it is up to him whether he takes on a role because of this bond – something that means some people might be left upset.

"I've read so many, thousands of scripts. I've written scripts. If you feel a personal connection to something, you could have an analytical conversation about a piece of material, but at the end of the day, it either moves you or it doesn't. That's why your choices have to be personal, because you're never going to please everybody,” Matt explained.

The superstar went on to reveal he admires Clint Eastwood’s cool nature when it comes to selling a film to actors. Matt was keen to commit to the role of rugby hero François Pienaar in Invictus and called Clint to tell him, expecting to speak directly to the veteran actor. Yet he could not be reached and Matt got a message saying the Hollywood legend would reply in his own time.

“And I went, ‘Great’. And I hung up the phone and told Lucy that I’d just found the life I want to have,” he recalled, mentioning a conversation with his wife Luciana Barroso.

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