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Matt Damon: Movie hanging on me

Matt Damon says he felt under more pressure with his latest film - We Bought A Zoo - than he did making the big-budget Bourne movies.

The Hollywood actor stars with Scarlett Johansson in the Cameron Crowe-directed movie, the story of a widower and his two children who try to rebuild their lives by moving to the countryside and attempting to make a go of a struggling zoo.

He told the Radio Times: "It ends up being all on you.

"I remember being deep in the s*** with (director) Paul Greengrass in the last Bourne movie - no script, writing it as we were going along, but Paul would say, 'remember, coming up here is a little bish bash bosh'.

"There were these anchors you could count on. But there's none of that in this.

"If this movie tanks, it'll be very bad for me because it's hanging on me."

Matt said he'll feel a little strange when the new Bourne film, that he's not starring in, comes out this summer.

"The last one was by-the-seat-of-your-pants film-making and was too much; it took years off our lives," he said.


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