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Matt: Film shows new side to Black

Film fans can expect to see a darker side to family friendly actor Jack Black in his latest movie, according to co-star Matthew McConaughey.

The two have paired up with director Richard Linklater for black comedy Bernie, which also stars Shirley MacLaine.

Asked if the film, which tells the story of a mortician who murders a rich widow, would reveal a new side to the Kung Fu Panda actor, Matthew's answer was emphatic.

"Hell yes," he laughed. "I haven't seen Jack Black like this, he's excellent in this thing."

Jack plays the film's title character, while Matt takes on the role of the District Attorney charged with bringing him to justice.

Both The Lincoln Lawyer star and Black have worked with director Linklater before. Jack appeared in School of Rock in 2003, while Matthew's big break came when he starred alongside Milla Jovavich and Ben Affleck in Dazed And Confused a decade earlier.

"He always has something that you want to go see because you know it's legitimate," the 41-year-old said. "You know it happened but at the same time you're going to question if it's for real along the way."


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